Perfect Conditions for Confectionery Storage

The smooth functioning of the Logistic Center is supported by LITT TATT logistics partner equipped with more than 100 units of refrigerated trucks, ranging from 1 ton to 10 tonners, which enable us to meet our customers’ needs and requirements and optimize the transportation to the entire region.

Fun&Crispy Cracker – new design of mega crunch

Crispy, sweet sandwich cookies with cocoa, milk and striking lime fillings. A new stylish package that emphasizes bright tastes and crisp texture of ROSHEN Fun & Crispy cracker.

Fun&Crispy Cracker with cacao filling – crispy sweet sandwich cookie with cacao filling.

Fun&Crispy Cracker with milk cream filling – crispy sweet chocolate sandwich cookie with milk cream filling.

Fun&Crispy Cracker with lime filling – crispy sweet chocolate sandwich cookie with lime filling. The filling is made with the addition of lime and lemon juice (6%).