We carry the full range of ROSHEN™ confectionery products which includes Chocolates, Chocolate Bars, Candies, Biscuits, Wafers and other specialities of ROSHEN™. We have started supplying to the leading distributors in Malaysia. We also supply the independent retail chains which include SKM MARKET, HANIFA STORES, KIARA SUPER MARKET, DE’ MARKET and other independent retailers.


We concentrate on brand building and brand custodianship in terms of representing international brands in Southeast Asia consumer sector. We strive to build awareness of the brand firstly through distribution and listings in the retail trade and making use of strong below-the-line in-store activities such as in-store promotions, sampling, gondola ends, digital marketing and social media campaigns. Depending on the profile of the product range we will also conduct above-the-line advertising and we will position advertising and advertorials in targeted publications. We use this two-pronged approach for the premier brands in our portfolio and for those for which we have established strong support from our local partners and associates.


PERFECTRADE have currently engaged with outsourced temperature-controlled warehouses with LITT-TATT Warehousing based in Klang. While the Distributors & Retailers do purchase some product lines directly into their warehouses. We also offer a full merchandising service to the chains and in most larger stores we have permanent merchandisers whose function is to ensure that stock from ROSHEN’s product portfolio is regularly pulled through from the stock room and is packed onto the shelves.


PERFECTRADE will continue to invest and grow in Southeast Asia Region and to position Malaysia as the Central Distribution hub to support our distribution across southeast Asia, where it keen to become leadership positions across a large number of categories such as Chocolates, Chocolate Bars, Biscuits, Candies, Wafers etc.. We will continue to innovate across these categories to meet rapidly-changing consumer demand.